About Japan

About Japan

I made this website. Because, I want foreigners to know Japan.


Japan is a small island country in northeast Asia. But it is a state of the longest history in the world. In the myth, Japan is said to have founded a state in B.C. 660.


The capital is Tokyo.
Some scholars say that it is Kyoto. A scholar says. The place in which the Emperor lives is a capital in Japan. Meiji Era and the Emperor went to the second home in Tokyo from Kyoto. The Emperor lived in Tokyo then. The Emperor did not declare after that that the Emperor moved to Tokyo. Even today, there is a palace in Kyoto Imperial Palace is now the second home. So Kyoto is the capital city. (^-^)


Religion of Japan is Shintoism. The Shintoism believers are about 107 million people now. Believers in Buddhism are about 89 million people. Christians are about 3 million people. There are about 10 million believers of other religion. But Japan has a population of about 126 million. (^-^)


What do you know to Japan? Is it anime, comics, samurai, ninja? I like it ,too.(^-^;)There are many historical buildings and traditional culture in Japan. I would like to introduce these using a photograph, YOUTUBE, etc. And I want many persons to know Japan. I think that I want many foreigners to come for sightseeing to Japan. I also want those who are not interested in Japan to get interested.


My English is poor. If you feel uncomfortable with this document are you, I am sorry. m(-_-)m


About Japan

I give Japan's fundamental explanation. It is a place in Japan, a size, a national anthem, etc. I wrote the prefectural code to the map.


Japanese Culture

I introduce Japanese culture using YOUTUBE.


nature in Japan

Japan is a country blessed with nature. I'll use the YOUTUBE beautiful places and natural disasters in Japan.


Japan Now

Japan is the country blessed with nature. I introduce Japan's beautiful place and natural fear using YOUTUBE.



I introduce Japan using YOUTUBE or a photograph.

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